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Hi, If you run a small local business in the UK and your website isn't getting you enough customers then SEOTown™ can help. Our local SEO for small business services are very cost effective and custom tailored to suit your local business. We offer onsite and offsite Local SEO services.

Local SEO differs from mainstream SEO in many ways such as the importance of the location of your business. If the search engines don't know where in the world you are then how will googlers find you?

Although SEO in itself is a moving target, SEO requires consistency. This is why SEOTown™ concentrates on learning the latest and most profitable techniques, while perfecting traditional strategies.

More than 80% of searches are now local searches. This increase in local search comes hand in hand with mobile technology that has GEO location built in - very handy!

Having a Mobile Compliant website is an absolute must and plays a major part in search engine optimization locally or otherwise. This simply means that your website is easy to view and find on modern mobile devices and therefore the website ranks higher.

Who's Searching

Many people are searching online and mostly using Google for dentists, takeaways, doctors and many other local services and professionals and mostly using a mobile device. Most new customers are swayed one way or another by their user experience in locating and using your website.

If your site has relevancy, is authoritive and has good quality content then people will comment, share and link back to your website or become your customer. This is all good news for your Local SEO.

The quality of your websites content needs to be unique and informative, presented in a pleasent manner and easily navigatable. Content is still king in 2016! However in targeting local customers within your town or city we should never neglect onsite optimization and local social networking practices.

Social Networks?

Google in particular are now using social signals to detect your websites authority and relevance so a good social strategy is required especially when reaching out to new local customers.

Social Media Management (SMM) is a hot topic and we have a solid process to ensure that your small local business succeeds by using different social networks depending upon business model and location

SEOTown™ Process

Yet onsite search engine optimization is still the number one local seo ranking factor in gaining higher rankings on the search engines. Onsite Local SEO involves Meta Tags, Microdata Tags, Geo Location Tags and around 100 other factors including speed, mobile compliance and keywords.

SEO Keyword Research

Keyword Research is still very important in 2016 and we cannot rest on our lorals and think that social networks will do all the work for us in gathering new clients.

SEOTown™ have various methods in identifying niche keywords, verticals and trends. Depending on your location and business type this can be the difference between being seen on page 1 of Google™ or page 10!

Local SEO, SMM and Marketing are all interlinked and all require techniques that compliment each other. At SEOTown™ we think that Local SEO is more than that, we include local influence factors that can be found locally too.

Onsite SEO Optimization

SEOTown™ follow a direct process for onsite optimization and we are confident that we can increase your website customers using keyword research and onsite HTML correction and Microdata, Microdata insertion.

We concentrate on Local SEO and use GEO location metadata and microdata schema implemtations to enhance your local presence and to encourage local influence of your local business.

Your SEO Investment

There are infinite avenues on getting more from your SEO investments. Many of these options depends upon your business type, model and location, so do not be fooled by set monthly subscriptions that could be doing little for your business simply because it's not a package suited for Local SEO.

We cover all of the UK and have a passion to help small businesses to connect with local customers and know that you will not be dissapointed with our SEO services.

Our comprehensive SEO process includes an intial audit which will list all items needing attention on your website. A costing will be given and an agreement made. SEOTown™ is a very friendly business and are always available (within opening times) to answer any questions you may have.

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